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Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Programs

Intensive outpatient programs, also called IOP, is a treatment service that aims at providing recuperation service to people suffering from substance use disorders such as eating disorder, bipolar, chemical dependency, or unipolar depression. It is suitable for people struggling with addictions or disorders that meet a particular criterion of evaluation or assessment. Furthermore, IOP can be used as aftercare for patients discharging from other levels of care such as inpatient rehab, residential addiction programs, or inpatient detox. Below are a few benefits of the  outpatient addiction treatment program CO.
Unlike inpatient rehab, where the patient is restricted to the facility, the intensive outpatient program co, allows patients the freedom to go on with their other life activities. Thus it does not mean that they do not get the right kind of care. Instead, they get to enjoy the best of both. For instance, they will get inpatient intensive care and maintain life in an outpatient setting. It is an excellent choice for people with addiction but is not able to commit to an inpatient program. Patients will not experience long breaks from their workplace or be away from their families for long periods.
Besides that, IOP is also beneficial because of the exposure. It allows the patient to take what they learn and employ it in the real world immediately. Since the patient is not secluded from their family or collogues, they can practice what they learn. The program makes it easy to establish community-based support, and this helps make overcoming the addiction bearable and possible. In addition to this, IOP has a higher retention rate.
Another benefit of IOP is that they have cheaper costs. When you compare the prices to residential treatment programs, they are relatively less expensive. Mostly is because the patient is not accommodated fully into the facility, and they are only paying for the treatment services.
Also, because of the ability of patients to go on with their real lives, they can establish long-term supportive relations early in advance. Patients can participate in self-help groups and at the same time, be in the program. Therefore, they can get extra support to help them recover. The support will help them, and they may, later on, be of great help to another individual.
In conclusion, intensive outpatient programs are different from inpatient rehabilitation programs, but they can as beneficial. What’s more, you get to enjoy the benefits mentioned above by participating in the program. You may consider IOP as your next treatment program when you want to recover from an addiction. Learn more by clicking here:

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